Studying in France
For More Information Call
Dr Farid Elias Tel :01225559379
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DFMS - DFMSA 2016/17

Our Mission
Is to increase a mutual collaboration
between Egypt and France
in scientific medico-social area.

Our Vision

Is to be one of the effective
and efficient medico-social ONG
capable of managing durable
project for the coming years.

Our Goal
Is mainly to proceed
for a better future for young
doctors of different specialties
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Frensh Senior Cunsltants

  • Pr. Thomas TURZ, director of IGR Paris
  • Pr. Jean Louis DUFIER, Head of the depart of Hôpital Enfant Malade
  • Dr. Christophe ORSSAUD, Ophtalmo depart – Hôpital EGP
  • Pr. Jacques ROUESSY
  • Mme Anne Marie TELLER
  • Mme Danielle VELARDO
  • Pr. Dominique CHARRON, Head of the depart of Histopathologie Hôpital St Louis
  • Pr. Jean Paul FRANCKE, dean of the deans of Faculty of Medicine of France
  • Pr. Anne DURANDY